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While the comic's stories stand independently, its issues were done so as not to contradict events established in the animated series' episodes. He decides to go through his closet luckily, he has mini-arms that come out of his neck and figures out which of his alternative bodies that he could use while his main body is being washed. The Fearsome Five including PsimonDr. Hmmm, so that's why the cast of "Teen Titans Go! Meanwhile, a recurring bit throughout the episode is that Cyborg is insistent that Aqualad is a pirate, despite everyone else telling him that he is not.

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Amusingly, he mishears "data" as "date.

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Raven and Herald open an inter-dimensional portal and the Titans have to find which alternate world to send him to. This changes only when he meets Sarah, a volunteer who looks after deficient children. Unlike the Teen Titans they are loosely partnered and are willing to betray each other for personal gain as Blackfire betrays the rest of her team in the end for the brotherhood of justice the parallel earth's heroic version of the brotherhood of evil ; in the Justice League comics they are called brats by the Crime Syndicate possibly hinting at how their partnership is based on selfishness rather than loyalty this is implied in Teen Titans Go when Blackfire is shown to be a double agent. Second appearance of the Titans Go-Bot 5. After they resolve it, the heroes go back to the Tower and exchange gifts in a "Secret Santa".

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