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It is common popular assumption that when breasts point outward from the chest the woman is young and when they hang downward toward her feet she is old, but that is not always the fact. Shay Laren nude, Shay Laren brazenly towers over you, swaying her pendulous Alinka Vishenka with an absolutely gorgeous and massive rack. Cancel Go to Site. Horny granny rides cock. Many women feel a bit of despair about the fact that when their breasts are no longer high on their chest it indicates that they are becoming

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This becomes ingrained as a type of bookmark that refers to younger age.

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Pendulous Breasts

Big Tits Blonde Hardcore. I go into much greater detail on the health implications of the bra in an article I wrote in the Awareness Section titled "The 'Purpose' of the Bra". Because current 'fashion' does not glorify naturally beautiful breasts that are positioned on the chest at a lower level, women that have pendulous breasts tend to feel inferior to other women with higher-lifted or "younger" breasts, so they may keep them hidden, even from themselves, or resort to surgery to "lift" their breasts. Hot chick with pendulous big breasts! Other causes for breasts to be less protruding can be the type of diet upon which the woman lives, and in some cases breasts in some societies are literally tied downward, forcing them to develop that way, because they are "more beautiful" in that society when they are pointing downward. Big Tits Caption Pool. In some cases, breasts will be very pendulous when the woman is still in her early twenties, and some may be very firm and uplifted when she is in her golden years.

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pic of pendulous boob
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pic of pendulous boob
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