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Miranda is both brilliant and lethal, with looks and assets to boot. But Samus is definitely a hottie no matter what she's wearing. Despite her beautiful and almost too-delicate appearance, Princess Zelda is a powerful opponent. She's fought everything from ancient warriors to dinosaurs while constantly looking good in the process. The bombshell with rather kinky accessories has managed to somehow wear less and less clothing with her every incarnation, with her battle armor being little more than a chainmail thong and string bikini. There's no doubt Lara is both appealing and enticing, and has an aura of power that keeps fans coming back for more. The butt-blessed Brit is so popular that if you go to any convention, you're almost sure to see cosplayers sporting her signature leg-revealing thong leotard.

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Joanna exists in the world of the Perfect Dark video game series. Maybe you also still cringe in fear at the memory of the Crimson Heads. Miranda is both brilliant and lethal, with looks and assets to boot. Despite her Gorgon-like appearance, Azshara retained her alluring nature. Portrayed as smart, powerful, and seductive, Rayne charmed herself into the hearts of gamers everywhere in the original Bloodrayne and its excellent sequel. There's no denying that Morrigan is a looker; her sea-green hair, voluptuous body, conspicuous batlike wings, purple bat nylons, and very exposed cleavage are all iconic, and make her a subject of cosplay, as well as easily one of the most popular female characters in the world of video games. The cold-blooded blue sniper stands out even among such cute characters like Tracer, Pharah, D.

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sexy game character butts
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sexy game character butts
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