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Quantitative and qualitative data collection was conducted simultaneously from July — June in San Francisco, California. Crystal pushes up your body temperature, heartbeat and blood pressure, possibly to dangerous levels, with a risk of heart attack, stroke, coma or, if unlucky, death. Using mixed methods, it delves into different dimensions of sexual behavior and methamphetamine use — inclusive not only of the risk of unprotected intercourse, but of desire, pleasure and the challenges of overcoming trauma. For the SEMS subscale, means were calculated per participant and then combined for overall scores. Methamphetamine use and sexual pain As the excerpt above suggests, some women felt methamphetamine helped them cope with uncomfortable sexual situations.

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However, the focus on violence, trauma and social disadvantage often predominates to the degree that it obscures any sense of agency or pleasure women who use drugs may experience.

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Crystal Meth

Hardened gay scene party animals who can control their use of other drugs have found themselves out of their depth with crystal. He also used his position and name to intimidate others. Taking Crystal Meth in its crystal form can be smoked through a glass pipe. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Office of Health and Human Services; One explanation for this absence is the emphasis on pathological theories of drug use in the U.

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