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It's been my point from the beginning but you made it in one post while it took me three. I can say that I dated a nude model and never had a problem. I live in Nashville and hate country music. And while posing means nothing to her, and it shouldn't mean anything to the students of the class; she's sharing something that made you feel special almost entirely because it's not shared. She asked the instructor to introduce us because she liked me. That's just my opinion though.

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If i was married and i HAD to have a nude model come to the house i really cant imagine why i would though I would at least want my wife in the house, maybe even in the same room if the model was ok with it, so that nothing would be left to her imagination.

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My Husband has to draw a Nude woman for his University degree.

D Oh yeah, I have some figure drawing books and use them, too. So here it is, be a Man. One woman, one man It's just this damned fear of mine. But there is another. Pretty cut and dry

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