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Cognitive impairment can happen with long term use. Get info about everything from douching to fisting with this series on all things anal. The comedown cam be rougher than other methods. Smoking produces an intense, fast high, and usually hits you faster than injection. With long-term use, snorting drugs like cocaine wears away your septum, the cartilage between nostrils and between the nose and the roof of your mouth.

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Learn methods of safer injection before injecting meth or any drug:

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How to Booty Bump Better

Meth is highly addictive and it is easy to become physically and psychologically compulsive with it Intense Crash follows the intense high, and can last for several days Urge to use more often accompanies crashing Crystal Dick or erectile difficulties are common Sexual Compulsivity that also feels robotic, cold, detached and even violent can be experienced Seizures, shakes, heart attacks, difficulty breathing, strokes can happen in high doses, even among in experienced users Jaw-clenching, teeth grinding and drying up of the mucosal membranes in the mouth can cause dental problems. Booty bumping has a faster come-on, and more intense high than when swallowing. Crack cocaine can be smoked in a stem-pipe with a filter, as crack smolders in a mostly solid form. When swallowing, as with other methods, start low and go slow. Click here to learn how to inject more safely.

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