Sexual arousal caused by teddy bear

Teddy bears and sex are two things that rarely appear in the same sentence. There have been people who are sexually attracted to the Eiffel Tower. Recent Videos See More. Veronica Moser is considered to be the pin-up girl for this sexual perversion. The sociology of furry fandom.

As far as I can ascertain, there is no academic or clinical research on ursusagalmatophilia, although as the newspaper story on Charles Marshall above highlights, it does appear to exist, even if it is rare.


Still have something to ask? However, in some circles, arctophilia is viewed as a sub-type of zoophilia and includes humans having sex with real bears. You wouldn't get treatment for your sexual preference, but you might get treatment for a sleep problem. Another redditor, squeezyyy, wrote"It's so much more passionate when it's with someone you really love. Should 4-year-olds be taught consent at school? Add me to the weekly newsletter. Sleep sex with a stuffed animal that happens occasionally won't be considered a medical problem, but sleep sex that happens nearly every night may point to a sleep disorder.

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