I hate sex but

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I don't get why you'd feel "ill" or whatever if you know you're not going to have sex with the seducer So I am ever so glad this place exists and I discovered it! But, I'm the one who wants to carry around a rolled up newspaper and ask people what sexuality they are, and if any of them could be called "Breeder" I'll whack them with the paper shouting "Bad! In Chicago, I dated a man who was so striking I mistook appreciation and envy for desire. The smells don't attract or repulse them

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But I guess sometimes you can't help how you feel.

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I’m Asexual And Here’s What Sex Feels Like For Me

Dealing with Resentment When we are hurting, our minds keep feeding us with reasons for blame and people to blame. When we realize an outburst is just the pain talking, we no longer take it to heart. I think the issue here is having a problem with sex in principle that you can't do anything about. Why would you need to hate sex and go as far as to castrate yourself if you're not sexually attracted to anyone? Ideally, no woman should marry until she is ready to be transparently honest with her partner.

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i hate sex but
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i hate sex but
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