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I was jealous of Jake fucking Heather; Heather was jealous of Lilac fucking her own daddy. She's also sweet, adorable, funny, smart, and playful. Throughout breakfast, I was totally distracted by her sexuality. I got fucked by an older guy with a HUGE penis! Ron was his name. She's also incredibly fucking horny, she's in her sophomore year at college and it turns out she pretty much fucks any hot adult male or sexy female that wants access to her bald, shaved cunt. She told me his cock tasted like a girl's pussy, I guess he had been fucking some other girl earlier that afternoon.

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I have now seen the email she sent her uncle.

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Last winter, when she came back from college, she was a horny little bitch. She's tall, had long, golden-blonde hair, nice C cup tits on a perfect slender, no-fat body, and thin, exquisite legs that make any man's mouth water. I got in late on Friday evening, and arranged to see her for breakfast the next morning, before the game. Heather sheepishly said "hi," or something like that. We live in a pretty remote town in Oregon, and when it snows, the bigger college towns and cities are basically not accessible. Into the room walks none other than the guy's small blonde daughter, Lilac. Later that evening, Heather was in her dorm room, alone, her roommate Jill off someplace.

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heather fucks her dad
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  1. Same here too bad she's done..I was hoping to see her escorting wanted to add her on my list