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She is riding him up and down, and as she moves up, her bush moves outta the shadow. It seems more symptomatic of the FX Network's willingness to push the envelope with regard to nudity and sex. If I were plotting it as a data point on a graph about the length, nudity and so forth of bondage images on TV, it'd be way out on one end of the graph without a lot of other dots probably none anywhere near it. Frex, in "Birthday Girl" you have Nicole Kidman tied to a bed face down and naked, but she's only from face on through the headboard, and in a very narrow focal range, which means her face was sharp and clearly defined, but her buttcheeks were just two round blobs behind her. You get good looks at her breasts and a very brief look at her bush as she sits on the bed as the scene ends. Chloe Hunter bound naked and in a full spreadeagle, also gagged and blidnfolded, in "Spun. So, maybe the producers of "Saving Grace" are working the old "Biblical epic" scan to get away with more sexy content than others -- it certainly worked for films like " Sign of the Cross " back in the s.

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Also has a nice little lesbian scene with an Arquette later on.

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Holly Hunter

Hunter has a plain look but her body is pretty good. At this point, slow motion and a DVD player with a zoom feature are both very useful. Germane, we tell ya! You had to take the script's word for everything, because you could see virtually nothing. For the first twenty minutes of the September 17th showing of the TNT original TV series "Saving Grace," Holly Hunter is tied naked and face down on a bed, in an upper spreadeagle, her ankles tied together. Holly removes her robe just before mounting a massage table and provides a good look at her backside.

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