Sex swings demostrations

Your email address will not be published. Yes, hook me up! Feel free to use or dilute with other lube as needed. For many men, the ability to have greater control over their fast-approaching orgasm and ejaculation is beneficial for them and their partner. Hold as hard as you can for seconds and then fully relax. You don't use it like regular lubes--it's more of a primer. Give us a shout out, tell us about how much fun you had using our wonderful product!

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Protesters clash outside of swing vote senator offices in anticipation of Kavanaugh vote

Feed your body with several slow, deep diaphragmatic breaths, and enjoy the relaxation. Yes, men can use Velvet Swing but the effect will be different if used with penile tissue vs anally. Ask Ben a Podcast Question. Instead of simply breathing in through your nose, or breathing so that your stomach moves, for greater sexual pleasure and bodily awareness, you want to be breathing deep down and imagining yourself breathing into your genitals. It might sound crazy, until you try it. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. She has been helping humans effectively and mindfully combine sex and cannabis since as a medically-certified cannabis consultant and product developer.

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