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Their songs are fantastically written, fuzzy things that fill a previously unheard-of niche between rock and pop. And saxophones haven't sounded so cool in punk rock since X-Ray Spex. I can't find anyone else who's seen this movie; even the duchess of kitsch and lost items, Thrift Score 's Al Hoff, has never heard of it. It's gonna be nuts, so set the VCR. In another, there's the experimental Hochenkeit, whose newest album should go down as one of the best releases of You must see them, but don't drink too much beforehand, lest you find yourself crying in an alley later. Fun, figures and flamers; by god, it must be Christmas!

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They're a little jazzy and romantic, also very sophisticated and very mature.

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Live Music Listings

In one corner, we have Beds, whose instrumentation generally involves sometimes out-of-control, sometimes intensely structured drums; a guitar and a violin bow; and the random sounds of a radio. Seriously--they make Nick Drake seem positively jolly. And in the fourth corner, we've got Supersprite, my favorite Portland live electronic ensemble, whose music is both poppy and exotic. So please come and help us celebrate, even if you're an atheist maybe especially if you're an atheist. Hochenkeit, on the same hand, make velvety, unstructured tunes that will make you curious and hopeful at the same time.

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