Obama is a retarded asshole

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But then we have the case of the private fire department in the U. Jun 3, Messages: I definitely wish he would pull all of our troops home - shut down every military base in other countries How do YOU plan to help those poor Taliban girls? An idiot tea-party wingnut fool said Remember Progressives love to lie, cheat, steal, vote, and vote often. After they were trounced in the last Federal Election you would think that they would realize how perverted, distorted and unreal their view of the world really is. But then we can figure that out for ourselves simply by watching American news and laughing. Americans need to find a way to import more mexicans and export the filthy TeaPublicans in their place.

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This is simply one more article from the"left" using their long litany of disingenuous propositions

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Obama Mocks The Disabled

Almost as sad as a Trump supoporter telling someone else to be honest. But of course in the Libertarian Utopia he wishes for America she would have died anyway unless she had enough money in her wallet to pay for the EMT for her services. They can lay the case before the Congress if any change is contemplated in the lav!. The political orientation of government union members has no bearing on the services they provide. What do you think? Can't you afford to purchase a ticket? The goal of socialist govt education is to indoctrinate.

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obama is a retarded asshole
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obama is a retarded asshole
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