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Garrison challenges anyone in the packed bar who hasn't had sex with Cartman's mom to fess up. Cartman is at first grateful. That and she mistook Satan for Alan Dershowitz. After the war began she went on a insane rant about how perfect her plan is to eliminate "not pretty things" and among other things admitted that Kyle wasn't born in a hospital. Stone claims to have learned phrases and pet names like "bubbe" from his maternal grandparents, who, like their daughter, were Jewish. Mackey's party guests love the song.

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However, in " The Death of Eric Cartman ", Cartman mistakes his mom's screams of pleasure for cries of sadness, when in reality, she is receiving sex from a plumber whom she invited to her house.

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Liane Cartman

Archived from the original on But he feels better when he learns that pretty much every other male at the gathering has done something similar. Cartman is a hermaphrodite, meaning she has both male and female genitals. Also in " Trapper Keeper ", she ends up having sex with the cyborg from the future, Bill Cosby. While the boys wait for Mephesto to regain consciousness, a blizzard hits South Park and the citizens are stranded for hours on end without food. However, her over-protective and annoying personality and protests seem to have diminished a lot in recent seasons.

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