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According to research, the testicles can produce better sperm quality under a temperature of 98 F. A higher temperature decreases sperm quality. This mainly applies to women, but some men might be growing moss around the bushes. And there you have it, six reasons you need to stop being a never-nude and get out of your clothes. Sleep naked like a rock:

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Sleep naked like a rock:

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No clothes, no problem: Sleeping nude is healthier

We all sleep better at a cooler temperature. When sleeping naked, the skin can absorb more nutrients which eventually improves metabolism, aids the sebaceous glands in secreting sebum to lubricate the skin and hair and stimulate the sweat glands. It doesn't take a scientists to discover the amazing sensation when a cold brisk breeze blow throughout the naughty parts. It's not surprising only 65 percent of Americans say they have a "well night's rest. Sleep naked for better sex: Yeast grows better in warm and moist conditions.

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