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Near the door was a hand-dolly with a stack of small brightly-colored boxes. I spotted a second glowing EXIT sign on the far wall and turned to wave the girls inside…. Then, what can only be described as something resembling a four foot long jet-black lamprey eel erupted from the mangled mess that remained of his genitals. I get my porn the old fashioned way: They were all too busy watching the hallway as a loud sound, like gnawing, began to filter into the auditorium.

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I hung up and started to dial when something dawned on me and my arm went limp, the phone dropping from my hand and thudding to the carpet.

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It was at this point that I realized just how ridiculous I must look. I held the gun out in front of me as Toby charged at us. I felt someone pulling at my hand and turned to see Enid trying to take my gun. When detectives arrive to question me, I pull up my video of the session to find that I successfully recorded 18 minutes of a silent black screen. Thankfully, the small town we entered had a hour place that did wire transfers. The computer itself was from the mids at the latest.

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