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Different people like different things, so your best bet is try things out and ask what feels good. Not feeling rushed makes a massive difference as well. It was like I was made to dive inside her every day for the rest of my life. Seeing my first vagina made me realize just how mysterious they are. I told the girl I had a stomachache and ran out of her dorm room to fake retch in the bathroom. Also, any kind of vibrator meant for the clit used during oral or full-on sex. Maybe it is fussy.

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10 Men Describe Their First Up-Close Experience With A Vagina

I read everything I could about how to pleasure women. I hate when people think isolating it and sucking on it is a good idea — hate that. Varying pressure, sometimes delicate, sometimes firmer. I can make myself orgasm in seconds. I just kept smelling them and patting myself on the back for being such a stud. What to do if your contraceptive pill is affecting your mental health. And I would say just treated my clit and my whole body with reverence in a good, quiet, understated way.

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